Dwelling Fire insurance provides financial protection in the event that your investment property and your personal property within it are damaged. Dwelling insurance is a type of insurance that covers the structure of your property and the personal property within. It’s similar to homeowner’s insurance but less comprehensive. Dwelling insurance can be purchased to cover a home you live in (in some cases), or it can be purchased for homes that you own, for example a rental property or vacation property. These policies typically cover the structure. Dwelling insurance covers certain and specific perils, hazards that can damage your property.

  • Dwelling Fire DP1 Form (Insurance is Named Risk Coverage)
    The DP1 insurance policy is a named perils insurance policy. This means that all the perils that are insured are specifically listed (or named) in the policy itself. The insurance coverage is restricted to the perils that show up in the policy.
  • Dwelling Fire DP2 Form (Insurance is Broad Form perils Coverage)
    The dwelling fire policy DP2 broad form is also a “named perils” policy and covers the same perils as the basic form, with additional coverages such as: Vandalism and malicious mischief. Windstorm or Hail. Fire or Lightning.
  • Dwelling Fire DP3 Form (Insurance is Open perils Coverage)
    The DP3 insurance is best suited for rental properties or non-owner occupied homes. The DP3 is an open peril policy. Open peril policies are insurance policies that cover all possible perils, with the exception of a small list excluded from the policy.